Starting over can be a daunting experience, even for those who are risk takers. Whether it’s after a relationship, an unexpected move, the end of a career or any situation you hadn’t prepared for. Backing away from the change and staying in ‘familiar territory’ can be very tempting. But it is okay to feel fearful.

To have moments where you mourn ‘what was’ and look ahead at what ‘could be’ with trepidation. It is a healthy part of processing your emotions and transformation. But there will come a time when the fear is no longer overwhelming and the tears stop flowing. A time when the option to live the life of your dreams makes your heart sing more than the option of remaining where you are. A time when you take your first deep breath in months and you realise that you are healed and ready to start afresh.

In that moment you embrace the transforming power of a new beginning. You begin to realise the importance of nourishing your mind, body and spirit with the things that help you mature into your full potential. The importance of surrounding yourself with people and relationships that build you up rather than pull you down. You realise that holding unto anger, resentment or negative associations with ‘what was’ is the equivalent of chaining yourself.

Most of all you realise that everything happens for a reason. Yes, that failed relationship, the end of that career, that unexpected turn of events needed to happen in order for you to reach this state of transformation. It had to happen in order for you to recognise your heart’s desires, and most importantly, follow your heart. You begin to see that when something ends, against your will or not, you’re the only one who can decide when that ending transitions into a new beginning. You begin to appreciate the things in your life that bring you joy in this very moment, and look forward with avid hope to the many good things to come.

You accept the undeniable fact that the future is amazing because no one has a hold on it. Starting over is ripe with possibility of shedding off what didn’t work and embracing what does. But above all else, you realise that the only thing constant in life is change and that sometimes change is a very good thing.

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