Corner of Inspiration is the perfect fusion of motivational articlescreative writing and useful items all centred on encouraging you to be your best. Founded by IT and project management specialist Savannah Monye in 2018, it embodies an artistic outlet of creativity and inspirational content.
We all at some point in our lives feel like we are backed into a corner. That ‘corner’ represents a period of adversity or challenge. But it is in these very moments that we discover our strength and receive the inspiration to overcome the situation. 

At Corner of Inspiration we believe that the mind is a powerful tool, which when used to it’s full potential, can be our biggest catalyst towards leading a life of joy and fulfilment. Positive thinking and self motivation are crucial steps towards achieving this. We are here to help ignite the greatness that lies in you.

Love, laugh, live is our moto! We hope you’re inspired Image result for heart icon

Founder Savannah Monye