Travelling isn’t just an excuse to escape the 9 to 5, get a tan and soak in the culture. The healing qualities that travelling provides on both our mental and physical state is usually the biggest advantage for most seasoned travellers. Combined with the following three other advantages, it’s easy to see why it is a must-do for all of us. 

1) You will become more resilient 

The challenges you face when travelling, no matter how minor, seem more difficult to resolve when you are in unknown territory. Whether it is trying to understand the attendant at border control, or simply attempting to buy some fruit from the local market, language and cultural barriers turn into huge challenges that you need to overcome. You build up a wall of resilience as a result. This strength will stay with you, supporting you in decision-making when you return home. 

2) It generates a feeling of completeness and opportunity 

Because it’s not something you do everyday, you appreciate the importance of every single moment as you notice everything you do to more microscopic levels. You are more aware of your choices and every avenue you take. It also opens you up to appreciating what you have and the tools you possess. It makes you realise that there is so much time to be productive. You then choose to do things that make you happy and whole. 

3) You will discover more of yourself 

Meeting new people and experiencing new cultures can bring out different sides of you. Maybe sometimes it is the frustrated, tired you after a day’s worth of travelling. But it can also be the adventurer who takes an impromptu boat ride across the rivers, and rides a sand board down the side of a towering dune. Not only does this help you to feel complete, but it destroys the times you felt at a loss, or confused with yourself. 

Embracing every second of your travels is sure-fire way to become more empowered. Experiencing the rich tapestry of different cultures and seeing the beauty of our world at different terrains will open your mind. Making new friends across the globe and realising that we are all one makes it even all the more worthwhile.

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