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Beneath the sunlit sky the old man toils; his basket raised high, careful not to spill the day’s spoils. He walks slowly with feet cracked from walking miles. To passers by he is a familiar site. That heartfelt laughter. That toothless smile.
At the break of dawn he rises to sounds of the Cockerel’s crow; from where he draws his strength, nobody knows. His daily routine etched in him like lines on the palm of his hands. His greying hair and steady gait always evokes a second glance.
On his daily walk he passes by a young man walking in haste. The shiny newness of this man’s attire glistens beneath the sun’s rays. The old man offers a greeting; his toothless grin spreading wide across his face. But the young man hurries on. He has no time to stop, no time to waste.

He gives thanks for his life’s treasures

Slowly the old man continues his walk. Glancing up at the sky, he begins to talk. To the God of his ancestors he utters a ‘Thank You’. For the beautiful day, the setting sun and rising moon. For the rivers that flow effortlessly without cease. The birds who’s wings graze the sky with careless ease.
He thinks of the young man that rushed by; wondering when will he ever have time to stop and glance up at the sky. When will he ever appreciate the whisper of a gentle breeze. The soft tendrils of a blossoming flower. The steady sway of the palm tree.
Finally he gives thanks for his life’s treasures. The intangible blessings bestowed on him daily without measure. His wife of 40 years; her iridescent beauty, her warm smile and soothing touch. His children and grandchildren; the love he gives them can never be enough.
He is thankful because each day he rises to sounds of the Cockerel’s crow. His gratitude is heartfelt, without hesitation for he is a gentle soul. He has outlived many in his village, seen many sunrises and sunsets. To many he will be a legend for his life exemplified the true treasures in life; love, peace and happiness just as the Creator intended.

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