Top Tips for Travelling the World

With “travel the world” topping New Year’s resolutions list year after year, now might just be the best time to book that trip you’ve been yearning for. Think of it as part of your continuing life learning. Travel provides those who do it with soft skills like grit, empathy, and global understanding. These are necessities as global citizens in a world with disappearing borders.

As you plan your much anticipated adventure, consider these tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your experiences:

1) Be Surprised. Do the Unexpected

The tourist destinations don’t always create the most vivid memories. It’s usually the out-of-the-ordinary experiences that do. Whether it’s trying a new food, simply saying hello to someone, stopping at a place on the map that you’ve never heard of, or just getting lost all together – you could wind up having an adventure that you’ll never forget.

2) Don’t Plan Too Far Ahead

Many of us get a little anxiety when thinking of going somewhere without an itinerary. However, an open mind and a flexible travel schedule will really force you to look at your own internal strengths and resources. This can be educational beyond measure and can help you make some of your very best travel memories.

3) Do Non-tourism Travel

If possible, study abroad while you’re in university or travel as part of a charity mission. Spending a few weeks to travel the world in these ways will enable you to experience cultures differently than you would if you were on a tourism type holiday. By studying in a foreign place for an extended period of time, you dive deeply into a country’s offerings. You will come out of the experience with many lessons not only about the place you’ve visited, but also about yourself.

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