Loving Yourself

It is our human nature to be loved and to love. We can’t help it. Every fibre in our being is in-tuned to search for and embrace love in its purest form. To look at this on a deeper level, you could say that love is the fundamental and imperative glue which bonds all things; seen and unseen.
The reality we experience is often an outward projection of our inner thoughts and feelings. When we don’t love ourselves, we fail to accept and appreciate ourselves as we truly are.
We then rely on other people and circumstances to influence how we feel about ourselves. Others will always have an opinion of you whether you like it or not. They could cast judgement, throw aspersions and insult you. Let them. Often times, their negative reaction to you is the outward projection of their own internal turmoil. 
Other people’s opinion of you is not the main issue. The fundamental and most important thing is what you think of yourself. If you seek to live a truly happy and fulfilled life you must first and foremost start by feeling happy and fulfilled within yourself. Loving and accepting every part of your being (the good, the bad and the ugly) will change your perception of life. You will come to realise that you are on a continuous journey like everybody else.
Your mind and body is like a vehicle, which needs fuel on a continuous basis. That fuel is love and acceptance. When you truly love yourself, the intent of your innermost thoughts and feelings will manifest in your reality through the people and experiences you attract. You will have a deeper understanding and knowledge of ‘self’ and know what role you play in the grand scheme of things. There is oneness in all things because you are a part of the infinite wholeness we call God. You must learn to discover who you truly are and simply embrace that self.

Be Yourself

To look at yourself through the lens of other people is to build up a false self image, which takes away your individual authenticity and uniqueness. We all have a part to play in this wonderful spectrum of life and each individual is beautiful, unique, magnificent and gifted.
We can often be our own worst critic and enemy when it seems we are not living up to a certain expectation or standard. But ask yourself this question: who’s expectation or standard are you trying to live up to; yourself or somebody else’s? Today, start to look at yourself in a new light. Start to appreciate, embrace and love your uniqueness in all its glory and accept that you are truly magnificent.

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