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Under the moonlit sky, the river flows unperturbed, unrelenting. It’s destination unknown. By it’s bank she stands, gazing and reflecting on days gone by. Memories never ending.

She remembers the words of a wise man a lifetime ago that wisdom is acquired through experience, and knowledge of its abode. That life is not a rehearsal, nor can it be replaced with gold. That fools hastily forget lessons of the past because they regard them as old.

Beyond the starry sky she gazes afar recalling the rise and falls along her journey thus far. The many times she tasted dirt. Felt the bruise of rejection, failure and hurt.

Never giving in, never stopping for victory was in her sight.

The lines ingrained in her hands from holding on tight. Never giving in, never stopping for victory was in her sight. The sharp piercing gleam in her eyes as she sailed through each storm and rising tide.

Tomorrow; the dawning of a new era. The new chapter in her life approaching ever nearer. The words she will utter carefully inscribed in her heart. In his eyes she will gaze. From him she will never part.

The laughter of children she will one day enjoy. Wisdom and love she will pour lavishly, for their life will be her joy. Unbridled passion for treasures money cannot buy; love, happiness; the ability to spread one’s wings and truly fly.

Under the moonlit sky, the river flows. Through crevices and passages unknown. From it’s bank she departs. To continue on her journey and embark upon a new path.

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