Facing Your Fears

The conquest of fear is one of the greatest challenges that we come across in life. It is a stumbling block which can de-stabilise the mind and a challenge that every human being on this planet encounters during their lifetime.

One of the root causes of fear is the conditioned mindset. From childhood we are taught to ‘be careful or you will fall’ or ‘don’t touch that because it will hurt you’. At that early age the idea of fear is already instilled. As we now know, there was a reason why our parents warned us at that age as we were too young to understand the nature of things.

Breaking the pattern

Our problems with fear doesn’t often manifest until we are much older. It can manifest itself as an instinctive reaction to a potential threat as well as a barrier to attaining our dreams. One thing we can say about fear that it really is False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR) in the mind.

Breaking the pattern of fear in one’s mind is no easy task; but nonetheless achievable with practice. The following steps are crucial if you wish to conquer your fears in order to achieve a goal:

1) Identify what your fears are: 

This can be achieved by confirming what your goals and aspirations are, then asking yourself what is holding you back from striving towards them or what you think could go wrong if you were to attempt to achieve them. Those are your fears. Write them down.

2) Look at those fears in more detail: 

Try and trace what the root cause of that fear is. Often times our fears not only stem from what we perceive ‘could’ happen, but rather what has already happened in the past. It is important to not allow the present moment to be negatively affected by the past or the future.

3) Visualise mastering those fears: 

Once you have traced those fears look at them head on and begin to imagine overcoming them. Imagine yourself accomplishing your goal in the best possible way. Affirm to yourself that ‘there is nothing to fear but fear itself!’. Each time you feel discouragement, keeping visualising the feeling of having already won. By doing so, you are automatically overriding pre-conditioned thought patterns.

When you begin to master your thought patterns and face your fears, new doors begin to open because the change has already started in you! Today, ask yourself ‘what is my mission in life and what is holding me back?’. Begin taking the first step towards living your dream.

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