Changing Your Outlook On Life

There are moments in our lives where we may feel somewhat inadequate. We look at those around us and it would seem that the grass is greener on the other side. The other person seems to have everything we want. The house, the job, the adoring partner, kids and no financial woes befalling their seemingly perfect world. We switch on the TV and it is awash with adverts telling us what to buy to make ourselves and our lives better. Everyday we are surrounded by subtle and subliminal reminders that we are good, but not quiet good enough. If you are a person that is continuously pre-occupied with ‘keeping up with the Jones’ ask yourself this question: Why?

Most people’s answer to a question like that would be ‘I want what they have’. A simple question with a simple answer. However, when you dig deeper you will discover that the root cause as to why we want what others have is borne from having a negative outlook on our own lives, which leads to dissatisfaction and inevitably envying those who seem to have a better life. Combine that with a heavy dose of advertising which surrounds us on a daily basis whether it be through TV, magazines, newspapers, etc and hey presto! We’re feeling inadequate and in need of ‘something’ that will make our lives better. Maintaining this outlook, however, we overlook one important and crucial understanding which is that happiness is a state of mind. A person who cannot find happiness within themselves is one who will continuously be in search of it elsewhere. It really does all start within.

Make the change

If you can change the perceptions you have about yourself, this will reflect on the outlook you have about your life and the world in general. Getting to know and love who you really are is a good start. Understand that you are already unique, whole and wonderful just as you are. That concept does not have to be sold to you through endless products for it is already inherent in you and every person on this planet. As children, our first instinct is to explore and play. The whole world is like an adventure playground where everything fascinates our imaginative minds. However, as adults we tend to gradually replace that with a desire to acquire more and more things in the hope of stimulating that joy and happiness within.

Today, start to create happiness within by taking time to appreciate the simple things in life. Whether it’s a warm hug from a loved one or a leisurely walk in the park. If it makes your heart smile, do it and begin to love life again. There is indeed much truth in the old adage which says ‘the best things in life are free’.

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